Digital Legacy Management

Our team has a vast knowledge in Digital legacy Management. Before getting into services we provide. Let’s take a look what Digital Legacy means? And what is Digital Legacy Management?

 Digital legacy means dealing with Digital Assets on death. Online bank accounts, Social media accounts, email accounts, Photo sharing site accounts, Media websites, online backup systems, file sharing accounts, etc are covered under digital assets. Now, after the death of a person, by a will or by sharing data with digital legacy service providers, they can transfer the access of such systems to their legal heirs. But, now for a person who wants to transfer the digital assets to someone, there are legal obligations they need to comply with.

 Our team helps people, who have number of patents and copyrighted digital data to protect and transfer their rights to their legal heirs.

 Our team also helps people, who want to access documents of a deceased family member, in case of any ongoing proceedings or suits.

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