Digital Health Care Compliance

As Healthcare institutes are adopting information technology, there are security challenges come in the way. So, security concern stands increased for the data records stored in healthcare systems. As security risk comes into picture there are legal obligations to protect patient’s data. To protect healthcare data and to get justice on such data breaches we provide the best legal services. Our firm have following services in the field of Digital Health Care:-

1. Our team provides legal guidance for technical standards for organisations who are developing Digital Health Care systems.

2. Our team also provide guidance for making administrative Cyber Security standards for HealthCare Institutes.

3. We conduct Information Technology Law Compliance Audits for Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions.

4. We conduct Trainings in Best Practices in Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics for Hospitals.

5. We provide service of Privacy Law Compliance Audits and Advice in this space to enable Hospitals to be always compliant with Privacy Laws and Standards applicable to them.

6. Our team is highly competent to handle Litigation cases/get Court orders in case of Medical Data Breaches or Unauthorised Access of Patient Databases.

7. Our team can also help organisations for Stored Data format Standards as well as Data Access System Security Standards.

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