Cyber Security

As the cyber crime rates are increasing we need to Secure our Computer systems from such attacks. To secure their systems and softwares from cyber attacks, organisations need to audit their softwares, web applications, mobile applications, networking systems. By auditing, the loopholes in the system can be found out and can be fixed. In case of organisations who are delivering any software or web application or mobile application as product, they need to assure that their system should be secure in case of cyber attack, because if they provide such product to any customer and if that customer suffers from any cyber attack due to lack of security in product then the organisation will face legal issues and may need to pay compensation to customers to the tune of Rs. 5 Crores.
The Cyber Security Audits help the organisation to improve their security measures at every level i.e design phase, implementation phase and production testing phase.
Our team uses various security examination tools to examine your application’s security in case of request encoding, SQL Injections, data encryptions,etc.
Cyber Security Services such as:
1) Mobile Application Audits
2) Network Security Audits
3) Web application and Software Audits

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