Digital Entertainment and Media Laws

Digital Entertainment and Media Laws is an emerging field with respect to legal issues arising in the industry. 

Today, Digital Entertainment companies have a lot of challenges with respect to Intellectual Property and Cyber Laws in India. Under Intellectual Property it includes Copyright Act, 1957 and Trademarks Act 1999 and from the cyber laws perspective it includes Information Technology Act, 2000 and certain Guidelines. 

We are the only Law firm in India providing Legal Consultation and Filing of Complaints with respect to the main legal issues faced by entertainment and media industry which are :-

1. Linking 
2. Inlining
3. Framing

We offer the following Legal Services for the Media & Entertainment Industry:-

1.   Drafting/Vetting Pre-production Agreements
2.   Drafting/Vetting Production Agreements
3.   Drafting/Vetting Performers/Artist Agreements
4.   Drafting/Vetting Agreements related to Music Acquisition and Distribution
5.   Drafting/Vetting In-Film Branding Agreements
6.   Drafting/Vetting Distribution Agreements
7.   Drafting/Vetting Marketing/Promotion Agreement
8.   Drafting Licensing Agreements
9.   Drafting Internet/Digital Distribution Agreements
10. Drafting Endorsement Contracts
11. Copyright/Trademark Protection

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